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Sensual Goddess Publishing produces fantastic sensual photo art as you have never seen before. These integrations of a live model with digital environments, and some of the most daring location photo shoots ever shot, are reproduced in extremely high quality and published in books, playing cards and a tarot deck. The fantastic photo art images are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Buy direct from us and enjoy huge savings over the standard retail prices. See why collectors from all over the world have clamored to own these slightly erotic, subtly sensual, works of photo art.

  • The changes this deck has made to the traditional deck wouldn't have made much sense a 100 years ago when gendertypes were adhered to far more strictly than they are today. Woman now fight side-by-side with men as their equals in the armed forces.
    Amazon Review
  • I really like this deck a lot. No, it is not your typical tarot deck, that's for sure. But I appreciate the power of being a feminine sensual goddess, and that's exactly what this deck portrays.
    Amazon Review
  • These are soooooo pretty! And also really funny, considering they're all the same woman. Took me too long to realize it
    Amazon Review
  • Interesting deck of cards, better than standard playboy pinups
    Amazon Review
  • This group of cards offers a high quality fantasy set, they are poker size for a strong handle. The deck is well made and offers all the perks of hot night of fun.
    Amazon Review
  • :))))..I'm so happy!!!..You should win Awards for your work!!!!...And yes!!! I can definatly feel the energy in these cards, and all of the pictures!!!!..They all move me so much!!!!..And thank you..I will employ these for the rest of my life!!!!..Blessed Be!!!!

    Gina )O(
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The Sensual Goddess Gift Set
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Now you can own the top three selling Sensual Goddess products at a great savings! The MSRP on these products totals $36.85. Order direct from us and save 33% for only $24.69. This gift set includes the Sensual Goddess Playing Cards Volume One, and the matching companion set Sensual Goddess Playing Cards Volume Two. Compliment these with the The Sensual Goddess of Seductive Fantasy - book of erotic fantasy photo art. This offer is available for a limited time and is dependent upon available quantity.

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