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The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

Subtly sensual, slightly erotic, beautiful works of art!

78 cards including instruction sheet. This deck is perfect for anyone wishing to do a reading on love, relationships, sexuality or personal discovery.
This Tarot Deck is so unique. Not simple drawings, but fantastic photo art utilizing real photographs, live models and custom made 3D elements. Crafted by world renown photo artist Frederick Potter and featuring the beauty of international glamour model Oleanna, this set is a MUST HAVE addition to your collection. This deck focuses on the Goddess theme but adheres to the Ryder-Waite concepts and interpretations for each card.
All cards are printed on the highest quality 350 gsm, smooth German playing card board and coated with an aqueous base plus Satin high slip medium gloss coating for longer card life. Offset printed at ultra-high resolution, these cards are more than just your standard Tarot cards, each one is a work of art that is worthy of being in the collection of any serious collector.
These cards were created from a very unique spiritual experience between Frederick and Oleanna. More than just creative imagery, these cards are infused with the same energy that brought together two very different worlds bridging the ancient traditions of Ukraine and the contemporary world of North America.
The power of the sensual feminine universal energy is unequaled by any other force. She is the giver of life, the nurturer of souls and the Mother Earth. There is no greater symbology for a Tarot deck than the Goddess archetype.

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