Discover the Power of the Sensual Goddess Tarot

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Subtly Sensual, Beautiful Works of Art!

The power of the sensual feminine universal energy is unequaled by any other force. She is the giver of life, the nurturer of souls and the Mother Earth. There is no greater symbology for a Tarot deck than the Goddess archetype.

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The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck is based on the Goddess archetype and is uniquely different from any other deck created. The power of the feminine aspect has long been recognized as one of the greatest sources of energy in creation. From the concepts of Gia to the ancient goddess Venus, the feminine energy has formed the basis for many strong changes in humanity. This deck celebrates the power of the feminine aspect in the tradition of the great master artists whose sculptures, paintings and drawings praised female beauty as one of the greatest creations ever. The feminine energy has been the basis for the Earth Mother, nature, love and deep emotion. This deck uses the power and vibrations of this symbology to evoke strong intuitive messages within the reader to unlock insight into problems that other decks are unable to provide. Tastefully sensual and beautifully rendered, this deck is the only one in the world to use the energy of real people to form the basis for the card illustrations. This creates a synchronistic connection to the collective unconscious and that other decks miss.

Tap into the power of your Inner Goddess Complete 78 card deck with 56 page instruction book

  • Tap into the Power of the Feminine Energy
  • Create a synchronistic connection to the collective unconscious utilizing symbology and illustrations created with the energy and vibrations of real people
  • Celebrate the Goddess archetype
  • Perfect for readings regarding love, relationships and personal change
  • Release the amazing energy of your sensual power
  • Unlike any other Tarot deck in the world!
  • Possibly the most powerful deck ever printed!
"This deck is really well done. I think the pictures do a great job of portraying the meaning of the cards. Oleanna is beautiful and sensual but the cards are not just about that. This is a good deck for reading, not just for beauty."

Cindy - "Next Millenium Mystical Books and Gifts", Omaha

"I have to say, it’s different than my Steampunk Deck. I had someone more familiar with tarot watch me work with the Steampunk Deck, and said that it was a Masculine deck and wanted to work with me. I like it, but it can be a bit…obscure at times. Like a stodgy old British man, I guess. I’ve used up half a deck trying to get answers from my SP deck. So far, I’ve done one reading with the Sensual Goddess deck, and it came out a lot clearer."

Lucius (Via the Heathen's Path Blog)

"It's nice to see a tarot deck where the women are also depicted as warriors, leaders and power figures. The energy of this deck empowers women and connects them to their feminine energy. My readings are a lot more clear since I began using it. It has now become my favorite deck!"

Persephone - Torino, Italy

"I collect tarot decks mostly for the artwork. This one will make an excellent addition to my collection!"

Sandra - Pensacola, Florida

INTERESTING FACT: To date, over 80% of the customers who have ordered the Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck from us have been women.
First and foremost,  I would like to tell you that the quality of your workmanship is beyond my expectations.  I just opened the deck, and I still haven't browsed the images to see how it reads and I am already a fan.

The price that you are selling the deck is at a bargain in my opinion.  I have seen other deck that sells much higher and separate shipping but isn't as top notch as the sensual goddess tarot.

Having seen the quality of your work,  may I suggest that you look into creating tarot spread cloths, tarot boxes,  and tarot pouches,  all with the sensual goddess theme.  I do think that you would have a possible market for big wall canvas of individual cards from the sensual goddess tarot.

Christopher (Philipines)

Hello Frederick! I received my deck yesterday from you..and Oh my Goddess!!!!!..:))))..I have to tell you this deck is AMAZING..(but I'm sure you already know that, hahaaa!)... The quality of this deck is better then ANY deck I have ever owned or own now...making the shuffle the easiest it's ever been!..AND...The artwork, the photos!!! Absolutely BREATHTAKING and ENCHANTING!!!!.. I own over forty decks in my collection, have been reading tarot since 7 years old (that's 40 years!) and this is BY FAR my absolute favorite!!!!... I want to thank you for being such a wonderful visionary in creating this wonderful and perfect deck!!! I ADORE IT!!!... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Many Blessings, Gina )O(

Gina - Hayward, California

I just received my tarot deck, wow, how beautiful! the colors are so vivid. The model is gorgeous, and her expressions, posture relay convey the meaning of the card. I really love this deck, thank you!



I don't usually add people that I don't know on facebook, but I wanted to on this occasion so I could thank you personally for creating the most amazing Tarot deck I have ever worked with. It truly is an amazing deck and the images are beautiful. So thank you to you, Oleanna & Fredrick Potter, and thank you for accepting my friend request.

Andrea :-)

I hope to see more published works from yourself & Frederick, The Sensual Goddess Tarot deck has been so inspiration to me (the cards have never been wrong!)

Andrea-Erin Wylie